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Updated: May 11


There has been much speculation since the announcement of the NARL as to what was going on with New York City Rugby League.

Previously there was a bid for a team from The Big Apple to play in the UK’s BETFRED Championship with sights set on The Super League following Toronto Wolf Pack’s journey across the pond.

As we are all aware that idea was put aside for what we believe to be an even greater opportunity for the game and expansion within North America with our very own competition; the NORTH AMERICAN RUGBY LEAGUE, now set up and ready to kick off on the 19th June. With a new league comes a new team, under new management with a new ambition.

We held onto the original logo whilst things have been developing in the background, but the intention was always to change it to give the NARL team its own identity and avoid confusion with the previous bid team. There has been much discussion around the name after we opted for New York Rugby League over the previous NYC moniker, and expressions of interest for a 'mascot name'. It has taken a little longer than we had hoped, but finally, we are able to share with you,


This is the badge New Yorkers from across the state, not just the city will wear with pride to support their home Rugby League team and a badge that reflects New York and the USA for our followers across the world. New York is home to some of the world's most recognized sporting brands and we hope that NYRL will be joining them very soon.

Freedom means different things to different people, the freedom to move, speak, live and play are what make this country, and our Statue of Liberty is the world's most iconic reminder of that.

Aside from our official club & kit logo, you will see some slight alternatives through our marketing and apparel. Thank you to so many of you asking about apparel and when this will be available? Our club shop will be launched very soon, all updates will be through social media so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We thank you for standing with New York RL and are excited for what his set to be a fantastic season of footie.

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