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Updated: May 20


An extremely talented and dedicated player, George Reis a born and bred New Yorker has signed for New York Freedom for the 2021 season.

Reis grew up playing American football and lacrosse before finding a passion for Mixed Martial Arts and took part in one of the first legal MMA cards in NYC.

In 2016 when the opportunity to play Rugby Union came up, Reis realized how his BJJ practice was easily transferred to the game but even more so to Rugby League which he made the switch in 2017 running with the White Plains Wombats where he was recently made Captain.

Reis is a 3 times USA Rugby League All-Star and USA national select player.

Organized, motivating, and directional, George will be a strong head and a driving force on and off the field. His dedication to the game and the team has seen him add another feather to his NYFRL cap as Player Recruitment & Welfare Manager (USA & Canada).

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