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‘Tackling Mental Health Together’.

Rugby league is a sport of grit, power, and strength. Externally players have to appear tough, untouchable, and together.

We know all too well that our game-face is often quite different from what’s going on inside our head and our players, staff, and extended team’s mental health is as of much importance to us as their physical health.

We are very lucky to have a qualified Mental Health First Aider & Mental Health First Aider for the Suicidal on board who has put together a mental health program for the club. Our BLACK DOT PROGRAM is for anyone that needs it. No questions asked. Any time or day.

It’s a space to talk confidentially with absolutely no impact or implications on their position within the team. It’s a space that is free of judgment but will offer advice and coping methods if requested.

As a club, the program will teach our players and staff how to look out for warning signs, how to approach difficult subjects, and what to do if you think a teammate might be struggling. We want every single NYF RL member of staff to feel they can openly talk to someone if they need it. For Mental Health Month we will be asking members of our team to share their experiences to hopefully #CONVERTTHECONVERSATION .

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